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Best Homes In The World.

Home is a place where we all enjoy being at with our families. There is nothing like home. Be it the finest hotel or the best apartments with all the amenities; nothing can replace the comfort you get at your homes. But imagine you can mix the luxury which you can get at a star hotel and the comfort of your home. That is something all of us would want, and people have also built such homes for themselves and their families to stay.

The following are some of the world’s best homes:

  1. Antilla.
  2. Villa Leopolda.
  3. Penthouse.
  4. Hearst Mansion.
  5. Victorian Villa.
  6. Kensington Palace Gardens.
  7. Fairfield Pond.



Antilla is one of the World’s best houses which is worth about one billion dollars. It belongs to Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world. Located in Mumbai, India, The house has about six hundred staff to maintain the house.

After the Buckingham palace, Antilla is one of the most luxurious houses in the whole world. Antilla designed by Chicago based architects and the constructed by a construction company from Australia. The house has about twenty-seven floors and is said to withstand an earthquake till eight on a Richter scale.

Villa Leopolda:

Villa Leopolda

Villa Leopolda is located on the French Riviera. The House is supposed to be the most expensive in England. The villa named after King Leopold was the one who had built this villa for his wife, Zelia Josephine Delacroix. The villa has a beach as its porch which makes even more beautiful.



The Penthouse located in London is on the roof of the apartment building. It is in the middle of the city, but still, you get a peaceful sensation at the penthouse apartments. The apartment has luxury amenities such as high-end appliances, high floors, and other costly materials.

Hearst Mansion:

Hearst Mansion

This house is on the Central Coast of California in San Simeon. The mansion is worth about hundred and sixty-five million dollars. The house is about six hectares in the Beverly Hills. This Mansion was also used as a setting for the movie God Father.

Victorian Villa:

Victorian Villa

This Villa is located in Ukraine and is about a hundred and sixty-one million dollars worth. The Victorian Villa belongs to the Ukrainian businesswomen called Elena Franchuk. The mansion consists of a swimming pool, Room Theater, a gym and a panic room.

Kensington Palace Gardens:

Kensington Palace Gardens

This Palace is located in London and is worth hundred and forty million dollars. It has an underground extension with a tennis court, health center; the house owned by a Russian billionaire is called Roman Abramovich. He is also popularly known for holding the Chelsea Football club.

Fairfield pond:

Fairfield pond

This house is located in New York and is worth about two hundred and forty-eight million. It is a 29 bedroom house and is built across 63 acres. The house has three swimming pools, a basketball court, and a huge dining hall. The house owned by Ira Rennert has an automobile manufacturing company.