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Tips: Home decorations

Homes are our favorite places to be no matter where we go or stay; we always want to come back to our homes where we feel most comfortable. We also keep our homes decorated based on our inspirations, likes, colors, and accessories. We are filled with so many ideas when it comes to decorating our homes but fail to execute them, or we get stuck while implementing those ideas.

Home decorations

The following are few tips you can follow to decorate your homes:

  1. Painting your walls.
  2. Furniture.
  3. Decorate your walls.
  4. Have a beautiful garden.

Painting your walls:

If you feel that you need to get your walls painted, and then choose colors that match your furniture and another thing at your home, you can also paint your walls with designs, or you can mix and match your favorite color. Choosing colors like blue and green can give you a calming effect, while other colors like yellow, orange can brighten up your moods. Colors like gray and dark blue can make you a deep look. You can also try to paint different colors for every room; each room can be painted with different colors based on your imagination and mood.


Choosing furniture is very important as it gives your house an entirely different look. Your home can look very different when keeping different kinds of furniture. Thus choosing good quality furniture can matter a lot. If you are satisfied with your old furniture, then make sure to decorate your living room based on the furniture you have. If not, then invest in a good piece of furniture so that it looks good and also lasts for a long time.  Make sure you match your rugs and curtains with your furniture. Do not place your furniture in a crowded manner. Try to space out your furniture so that you have enough area to walk between them.  If you have kids or pets at home, then try not to have white cushions as they might easily get dirty.

Decorate your walls:

Once you finish painting your living room, make sure to fill those walls with beautiful paintings or photos with frames that match the color of your wall.  Do not over crowd the walls with frames and pictures, make sure you give proper spacing and provide adequate room for each of the frames on your wall.

You can also make your frames theme based and decorate your living room accordingly, but try not to overdo the theme and make your living room look like a museum, always remember that it is your living room and you need to keep it mild and pleasing to see and live.


Having a good garden can improve the look of your house from the outside.  Gardening can also be a good hobby for you to do. You can go and relax in your garden whenever you are feeling stressed. Growing plants can be very challenging, but in the end, it is all worth it.